Thursday, October 11, 2012

AMC Premium System


The Cooking System Of The Future!

The AMC Premium System is the only system of its kind in the world that allows you to cook without added water, roast without added fat, quick cool, quick fry, bake, brown, combine and serve .   Never before has healthy, tasty cooking been so easy, quick and sure to succeed – and even fully automatically. The unique designed of this system is that  everything fits with everything else and all the elements can be used and combined in many different ways. For example,  you have the option to use any sizes of your pot as a pressure cooker by just switching the cover.  

Why is AMC Cooking System Healthier?

The AMC Premium System has perfected cooking without added water and fat.  The lid temperature indicator shows you how hot it is inside the pot.  It’s easy to judge the ideal cooking range.  AMC Premium System saves time and energy and makes for gentler cooking, retaining more vitamins and minerals.

Save time?

Definitely. No time is wasted during cooking, roasting or heating.  After setting the audiotherm to the desire level, a signal sound will alert you when it is reached.  You can now employ your time to do other chores.  

Is cooking with AMC easier and quicker?

Yes!  You can cook rice in just 3 minutes. Never before has healthy, enjoyable cooking so easy, quick and sure to succeed.  With the AMC combination system, you can reduce the time spent in the kitchen. All the units have been well designed purposefully to adapt to one another.  They are extremely versatile and offer many practical combinations for every household.

You save money every day?

Less fat, salt, water, energy and time, less food shrinkage, less food wasted and fewer new products to buy – the AMC Premium System is also a savings system in a long run!

You have more fun cooking

Unlike the traditional cooking, AMC is cooking with your head. You don't need to cook so hard for a meal. No sweat, no mess, no oil! 

What is so cool about AMC Navigenio?

The  AMC Navigenio is simply a stroke of genius! It can be used as a mobile cooker when placed beneath the pot, and as an oven when placed on top of a cooking unit.  Heat adjustable, automatic control panel and energy saving; the  AMC Navigenio is perfect for browning, baking, keeping food warm, grilling, cooking or flambaking.

Other Benefits:

  • A cleaner and safer kitchen
Precision made lid removes risk of boiling over.  Water from the lid does not drip onto work surfaces
  • Easy to clean
Crystal polished smooth stainless steel surface.
No rivets,screw or ‘hard to get” corners

  • Keeps food warm 
Great heat retaining, quality of the 
  • Handles designed to give confidence and safety 
Comfortable to hold.  All handles are easy to replace
  • Can defrost food
  • Safe in Oven
  • All handles are heat resistant up to 300
  • Space saving storage
 Can be easily stored

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